Performing theoretical-artistic activism :::::::

TkH 23

Editors: Bojana Cvejić, Bojana Kunst, and Stefan Hölscher


in art, education, work…



The University and the Undercommons Seven Theses
Fred Moten and Stefano Harney

(Cultural) Workers Gone Political
Ana Vujanović

Public Failures: Moments of disorder and the constant attempt to make things “work”
Gigi Argiropoulou

The Individuation of the Common
Jason Read

Anti-Production of Art
Goran Sergej Pristaš

Cultural producer as a troublemaker within the framework of a contemporary performing arts institution
Marta Keil

The Army of Artists
Jan Ritsema

Art’s Politics: An Interventionist Curriculum
Randy Martin

Furtive Tuition
Isabel de Naverán

Nothing in Common. Collaborations, Relations, Processes, and the Actuality of Artistic Labour
Boyan Manchev

Practice in/as Contemporary Art vs Practice in Practice-Based PhDs
Josefine Wikström

From the Critique of Academic Conservatism to the destruction of the Conservative Party HQ: From ’68 to today
Nina Power

Dear colleagues and friends,
Norbert Pape

Corruption vs education
Harutyun Alpetyan
Forgotten history of the commons in socialist Yugoslavia: A case of self-managed cultural infrastructure in the period of 1960s and 1970s
Gal Kirn