Performing theoretical-artistic activism :::::::

Editors: Miško Šuvaković, in collaboration with Jelena Novak and Ana Vujanović




editors: Introduction to TkH, no 16


Gesa Ziemer: Theorie bleiben und doch Kunst sein

Nikola Janović: Passion for Theory: Theoretical practice between politics and aesthetics

Anne Querrien: Le devenir artiste et la fabrication de la theorie

Maja and Reuben Fowkes: How Philosophers get Curate

Marc Botha: The Right to Theory as a Right to Thruth: Resisting Resistance and Para-ontology

Žarko Paić: New Cords of Techno-culture

Matko Meštrović: Theoretical Heritage of New Tendencies and Digital Art

Ana Vujanović: Thought that Dances yet; (a)theoretical discussion of the philosophical text by Alain Badiou “Dance as a Metaphor of Thought”

Miško Šuvaković: To Have a Right to Theory and To Go Right to Theory

Jelena Novak: An Introduction to the discussion between Mieke Bal and Joseph Früchtl

Mieke Bal: Traveling Concepts in the Humanities; A rough guide – Introduction

Josef Früchtl: What Is Cultural Analysis? And What Is the Role of Philosophy?

Mieke Bal: „You Do What You Have to Do”; a response to Josef Früchtl



Ana Vujanović, Saša Asentić: My Private Bio-politics; a performance on the paper-floor

Balint Szombathy: Acta Est Fabulas (The End of a Comedy)

Janez Janša: Miss Mobile, statistics

Zoran Todorović: Gipsies and Dogs

Marta Popivoda: By This Work I just Keep My Position in the TkH Journal

Goran Gjorgjevski: Curatorial Workshop

Siniša Ilić: Consequences

Miško Šuvaković: Choreography for the Capital

Mile Nichevski: Lazy Paparazzi



Lev Kreft: Elite Athlete’s State of Exception?



The issue is available only in Serbian version.