Performing theoretical-artistic activism :::::::

Editors: Bojana Cvejić, Miško Šuvaković, Ana Vujanović





TkH: Walking Theory (manifesto) | published in TkHno 1.

Miško Šuvaković: Technologies of Performing in Performance Art | published in TkH no. 5

Bojana Cvejić: The Way to Make Something Yours Is That You Fuck It Up By Giving It Your Body; Powered by Emotion, medium specificity or situation? | published in TkH no. 5

Ana Vujanović: Whither Cyberformance?; Notes on net-theatre as a symptomatic theatre practice | published in TkH no. 7

Ivana Stamatović: Dramaturgical Function of Koštana’s Singing in Petrar Konjović’s Opera | published in TkH no. 3

Jelena Novak: Matrix in Opera | published in TkH no. 2

Nevena Daković: (A) Land (in the) South/Southeast| published in TkH no. 9

Aleksandra Jovićević: From the Über-Marionette to Neuromancer; A brief review of the deployment and development of technology in the 20th-century theatre | published in TkH no. 7

Bojan Djordjev: Avant-garde Cuisine: Recipes for Works of Art | published in TkH no. 8

Nikolina Bujas-Pristaš, Bojana Cvejić, Ana Vujanović:Choreography in Process: Nikolina Bujas-Pristaš(discussion) | published in TkH no. 4



Siniša Ilić: In Search of Lost Guilt | published in TkHno. 7

Maja Pelević: Cyberchick vs. Real Time | published inTkH no. 7

Maja Mirković: XEROX – Cloning of an Ideal Body | published in TkH no. 6



Bojana Cvejić, Ana Vujanović: The Open Work – Does it Deserve Theory Today? | published in TkHno. 9



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