Performing theoretical-artistic activism :::::::

Editors: Ana Vujanović and Aldo Milohnić



Ana Vujanović and Aldo Milohnić: The Politicality of Performance: A few Introductory Remarks

Janelle Reinelt: Performance at the Crossroads of Citizenship

Aleksandra Jovićević: More than Artivism, Less than Art

Ana Vujanović: Vita Performactiva, on the Stage of Neoliberal Capitalist Democratic


Bojana Kunst: Be Political or You Won’t Be There! (On Political Art in a Post-Political World)

Sezgin Boynik: Art of Slogans (Performative Part)

Gerald Raunig: Inventing Condividuality; An Escape Route From the Pitfalls of Community and Collectivity

A Conversation with Aldo Milohnić, Deschooling Clasroom – The Art and/as Politics Group: The Politicality of Art in the Age of Neoliberal Cynicism

Jelena Vesić in conversation with Gregory Sholette: Amateur, Informal, Autonomous, Activist, Self-organized… Dark Matter and the Politicisation of Work in Art

Aneta Stojnić, Ana Isaković, Marko Đorđević and Sava Jokić – The Art and/as Politics

Group: Deschooling Classroom: Ceo svet je readymade. Sva politika je arteficijalna. – Notes, Thoughts, Clips and Tips