Performing theoretical-artistic activism :::::::

Editors: Bojana Cvejić and Marko Kostanić




Bojana Cvejić and Marko Kostanić: Introductory Remarks

Nina Power: The Only Good Public is a Moving Public

Boris Čučković: Autonomy Today

Sigrid Merx: An Argument for Autonomy: The Missing Link in the Discursive Arena

Vesna Vuković: How Art Works (and not What It Shows)

Mario Kikaš: Cut, or Else: On Performing (Performance) Theory in the New Circumstances

Boris Postnikov: A Few Messages from Our Sponsors: Advertising between Art and Public Space

“Sharp Thoughts” Debate:

Igor Dobričić: The “Privatepublic” vs

Sigrid Merx: Private – Public: Reactivating the Distinction (Response to Igor Dobričić)

Bojana Cvejić, Marta Popivoda and Ana Vujanović: Interview with Bruno Latour

Sezgin Boynik: The Art of Slogans (the constative part)

Siniša Ilić and Ana Vujanović / theoretical comic: Dull Smart Mobs