Performing theoretical-artistic activism :::::::

Editors: Miško Šuvaković, Ana Vujanović


  • Performing Arts and Dramaturgy (introductory text)


  • Miško Šuvaković: Mapping and Filing; Towards new theory of dramaturgy
  • Ana Vujanović: New Reading of Theatre
  • Goran Sergej Pristaš: Death and Breath
  • Emil Hrvatin: Dramaturgy of Looking; Terminal spectator and other strategies
  • Neja Kos: Dramaturgy in Dance | trans. Milan T. Djordjević
  • Eda Čufer: Some Thoughts on Contemporary Dramaturgy | trans. Milan T. Djordjević
  • Eda Čufer: Dance Dramaturgy | trans. Milan T. Djordjević
  • Bojana Kunst: Symptoms of Techno Body | trans. Milan T. Djordjević
  • Bojana Cvejić: Dramaturgy through History of Music Performance
  • Jelena Novak: Musical Hyperreality and its Dramaturgical Functions
  • Ivana Stamatović: Dramaturgical Function of Koštana’s Singing in Petar Konjović’s Opera
  • Ljubiša Matić: Drama Is Dead, Long Live the Theatre. What is Post-dramatic Theatre?
  • Patrice Pavis: Dramatic Structure, Dramaturgy, Dramaturgical analysis | trans. Ljubiša Matić
  • Lado Kralj: Action | trans. Draga Bojanić Tijardović
  • Lev Kreft: Art and Politics – The Case of Theatre | trans. Ljubiša Matić
  • Alan Badiou: New World, yes, but When? and Passion for the Real and Setting Seeming | trans. Ljubiša Matić
  • Guy Cools: Dance – The Art of Translation; Body as transmitter of identity | trans. Vlatko Ilić
  • Hans-Thies Lehmann: Post-dramatic Theatre, Epilogue (1) | trans. Petar Milat
  • Bojan Djordjev, Siniša Ilić: FRIDA KAHLO – Una pierna y tres corazones (manifesto and drama)
  • Ana Vujanović, Miško Šuvaković: Manifesto of theoretical drama and Why Marquise de Sade never met Kathy Acker?
  • Maja Mirković: Sketch for TV Monument to Jacques Lacan
  • Jovan Ćirilov: Photo Comic – J.Ć. Ego-trip
  • Vlatko Ilić, Mirko Lazović, Tanja Marković, Maja Pelević, Miško Šuvaković, Ana Vujanović, Katarina Zdjelar: Performing Gender


  • From Critique to Deconstruction of Theatre Anthropology (introduction)
  • Aldo Milohnić: Energy in Anthropology of Theatre and Theories of Third Vector
  • Ana Vujanović: Theatre Anthropology and the End of Humanism
  • Tanja Marković: Deconstructive Letters to Eugenio Barba, 1 and 2
  • Towards New Critique of Performing Arts (introduction)
  • Ana Vujanović: Construction and Deconstruction of A-critical Critique of Performance Diderot’s Nephew or Blood is not Water
  • Miško Šuvaković: Impressions from the Age of Enlightenment in the Age of Agent Body; A simulation of impressionistic critique of performance Diderot’s Nephew or Blood is not Water

The issue is available only in Serbian version.